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Considering you mentioned travel and going alone, you may want to reconsider the Fuji folder, if you are working with normal/wide focal lengths. The mamiya 7 is the size of a larger dslr, and the lenses aren't small either. Still a better choice than the rz.
What focal lengths are you using on your non-film bodies? Why must it be a rangefinder?
I looked at Fuji folder, very nice piece of kit that, but the lack of an interchangeable lens kills it for me.

I'm thinking of using the film camera alongside the H3DII back. I'm still considering the Mamiya 7ii but looking at the prices on ebay it seems a lot with the only visible draw being the larger neg and resolution. (As mentioned earlier I can easily go 645 with a H1/H2 body).

Something else kills the Fuji too, I never use 35mm, if I go wide it's 24mm for landscapes and such, 50mm occasionally with my most common being the 70-120 range (35mm equiv).