28 Nov 2012

These cards have been on my desk for a week now. Thought I should comment on them while I have the time.

"Skin Tight" by mjs is a good commentary on where women's fashion have gone.
"Speedy" by Jim17x - the camera that made photojournalism great. I really like how the camera peeks-out of the shadows. Well done.
The card from ChristopherCoy does a good job at capturing the intensity of the musician. I like how you tilted the frame of reference to ad character to the photo.
"Beer Can Building" is a great description of the photo from jimo. It looks like something built in the 60's
"Old New Windmill" from Oxleyroad is a nice study of new and old (blades vs. tail of windmill).

I look forward to more cards in the coming weeks.