I'd say it depends on whether we do indoors or outdoors. If it is outdoors, your location sounds like more fun. If it is indoors, then it might be useful to be close to different bits of gear, that, otherwise, I wouldn't carry with me.

When learning about movements, a cool, and not an easy exercise, is to try focusing a larger, cube-like object, even a table, with a view camera, while straightening the perspective. It takes a good while if you have not done this before, and it is more comfortable indoors. Most of the movements learned in this exercise, however, would not be needed in a landscape context often, or at all.

So, the question to you, is if you would prefer to focus on the operation of a view camera and its movements, or less so on that, and perhaps more on its practical use in a landscape setting. Let's not even think about the weather.