I have for sale two Polaroid SX-70 cameras. One is an early model in brown and it comes with an original brown leather case. The second is the later Sonar model. It has no case and is a bit scuffed up. Both of the cameras worked perfectly when I last used them, which was about the time Polaroid stopped making SX-70 film. I have no way to test them now. Also included are a tripod adapter, a remote shutter button, a lens shade and an accessory holder.

These cameras seem to go on ebay for about $60-75 each, so I'll make a package deal to apug members - $100. for the lot, plus shipping, Paypal preferred.

No job, no prospects, so I'm selling stuff in case I need to move into my van (with my 8x10).
Send a PM with your mailing address and I'll reply with shipping costs and how to send PayPal.