The tetenal C41 kit is an excellent choice, and gave me great negatives every time. I process E6 and tetenal have reliable chemistry from what I have found. 4 bath kits use a separate bleach and fix, and stabilizer. Tetenals '2 Bath' kit is really 3 bath with the stabiliser.

Bleach and Fix vs Blix has been a common debated argument on here... If a blix is working properly it will not produce a difference that is visually different from using separate bleach and fix, although proper equipment might be able to detect retained silver, the fix part will though properly remove all silver halides so will not present a problem with regards to stability. My only experience has been with the tetenal kit, but it worked like a charm for me, although i had a faulty blix on one of them, but they replaced it.

Maintaining temperature at 38 C (100F) is a piece of cake with a good thermometer and a water bath to preheat the bottles and tank.