OK so I have a few medium format cameras and a Rolleiflex T is one of them. Actually, I only have Rolleiflex TLRs in this format!

I love shooting through the waist but sometimes I want to shoot at eye-level, for portraits.

I don't care for autofocus, autoexposure, etc. What I primarily care for is a normal lens...somewhere around 80mm or slightly longer perhaps. I don't want to spend a terrible amount of money so I'm eliminating MF RF's. I would like a 67 camera but I feel that those are too unwieldy for this appication so I'm eliminating those too. For the 645 SLR's I think Pentax is the best on the field. Contax is too expensive so no consideration there. I didn't like the 120 german folders I once owned so that is not a consideration either.

I'm primarily thinking about going with a Rollei prism + Pistol Grip or adding a Pentax 645 (well maybe the Mamiya or Bronica...).

1. How is the Rollei with a prism in terms of focusing and handling?
2. How is the Pentax 645 in this regard?
3. A bit controversial, maybe, but how is the bokeh for the Pentax? I love my Rolleiflex 2.8E but that I can only shoot through the waist. My Tessar is OK and a bit busy sometimes. I have no experience with Pentax cameras.
4. Anyone use a Pentax 67 for this? This seems like a disaster for portrait orientation but maybe OK for landscape. Overall, I think the 645 is a better choice but man that 105mm f2.4 is tempting.