I am not familiar with Ilfosol 3 but I believe it is a one-shot liquid developer. If so, you're doing it right since these kind op developers are the easiest in use for a beginner. My advice would be to just stick to one film and one developer for now. If you do this, you eliminate a lot of variables that come with using a selection of different films and developers, this makes things far easier to learn. Give yourself some time to really learn to work with Ilfosol 3 and your film of choice (HP5+ is an excellent film).

I started doing my own B/W developing about four years ago and to date, I've used Tri-X film in Rodinal for 98% of all my work (and Tri-X in Diafine for the remaining 2%). It's only now that I've come to the point where I am interested in trying other films and developers as well. But in case I don't like them, I can always return to my trusty combo of Tri-X and Rodinal, a combination that works and more important, a combination that I know how to get best out. I think that's really important.

So again, give yourself some time and concentrate on one film and one developer for now, this way you'll learn a lot faster in my opinion.