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That's too new for me. I prefer the rendering of older lenses. I'll save high contrast for 35mm and medium format.

I'll be keeping my eye out for more rapid rectilinear types. Uncoated, probably. I'm weird that way.

hey steph

i am not sure if you plan on shooting paper or film.
i lean towards paper for my 8x10 and bigger cause my kids
ate all the money i would have spent on film ... and i don't mind
long exposures ortho type grey rendering &c.
you mention older lenses ... you might consider one of reinhold's wollaston lenses !
he makes them big and small and from all reports they are a thing of beauty. ( he is a apug member ! )
the lenses come with waterhouse stops so you can stop down and get a sharp image if you want
or you can shoot wide open and get fun soft exposures. he also makes an adapter for a packard shutter
if you need an instantaneous exposure and he is developing a drop / guillotine shutter as well.


not expensive but ... gold

good luck !