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Rafal -
Thanks man! Would you recommend getting a viewfinder with metering in it if possible?
The prism viewfinders are quite heavy in comparison to the waist-level one. I would suggest you tried one out, before making a decision, if possible. If you are getting a prism, however, then it makes sense to go for the one with metering. Bear in mind that even on the used market those still sell at a premium, especially the newer models.

Much depends on how, and what will you be photographing. If you plan to focus on landscapes, from a tripod, you are likely to be carrying a few other things with you, and a separate spot-meter will be a useful and an easy item to add to your kit. Such a meter will become essential if you plan on using the Zone System some time in future. On the other hand, if you want to photograph hand-held, in a relatively good lighting, on B&W film, which is very forgiving or exposure errors, the metered prism would be ideal—if you are strong enough to comfortably hand hold it all. Some people would say that in the latter case, with a little experience, you could even guess the exposure, and rely on B&W film's latitude to take care of any errors.