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In a word? Hasselblad
I'm curious, is there a reason for this? I think about Hasselblad from time to time but I wonder how much more value it would give me over a Rollei. Ofcourse multiple lenses, backs, prisms, etc. but when I really think about it. I don't need that stuff... I figured that a Hasselblad is more of a tripod camera, or a waist-level camera if handheld. Does it handle better than a Rollei if one wanted to shoot at eye-level? I figured the screen/prism would make focusing easier but there is still that ergonomic problem. I don't like adding too many systems but compared to the german/swiss cameras, those Japanese cameras are almost free. Again, I have no idea. I handled a Hasselblad once. It looks pretty but at the waist, I prefer Rollei.