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I don't like to cross-post, but I asked the following question on another website and, as APUG is strictly analog, was told that I may get more input here:

The color negative/slide film manufacturing world is in a much different place than it was just a few years ago. Agfa still makes a few color emulsions for Rollei, but it's out of the consumer film business, at least under it's own name. Ferrania (if it still exists) no longer makes film. Konica-Minolta abandoned all photography-related business. That leaves us with an extremely ill Kodak and a fairly healthy Fuji still in the game.
I remember reading a comment some years ago that Agfa, Ferrania and Konica were considered second-tier manufacturers. In other words, their film technology was always a few years or more behind Fuji and Kodak. In retrospect, I am wondering if that actually was the case, or just public perception because they didn't have the global market share of Fuji and Kodak? I know some members on this site have worked for these companies, and I assume they occasionally had to take a closer look at competing products as part of their jobs. I'm asking for opinions or thoughts, whether you were on the consumer or manufacturing end of the chain.

Thank you.
Any newer Agfa film that says Agfa is going to be relabelled Fuji, Ferrania IIRC went broke a few years ago, Konica merged with Minolta, then sold their photography business to Sony, some of the high end innovation in a Sony's digital cameras are actually Konica innovations, I called the Alpha 1 a Konioltony when it first came out.... Like Ferrania any Konica film out there is expired by now. Agfa's industrial branch may coat some film, probably as a contract coater now though, because the photography division is long gone.