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A Hasselblad with a 45 degree prism handles like a slightly large 35mm camera but a heck of a lot easier than a Rollei TLR or any 6x7. Lenses, parts and service are readily available. One can change film backs midroll without losing a frame; do not try that with a Rollei TLR at home.
I think I have to get a hold of a Hasselblad user with the 45 and 90 prism. Thinking about it, I think that it might be easier. I often shoot with my WLF at my chest but sometimes I want to shoot with a slightly higher perspective, like my 35mm cameras. I guess I can stand on some books or some sort of support at the moment but that is only a temporary solution.

Lenses, parts, and servicing is a big plus too, I think. i wouldn't appreciate it immediately but it is more of a long term investment.

Midroll backs I care less about but it is a good feature to have.