My favorite films were always Agfa. They might not have been as good as far as grain size but I preferred the colors. I still have a ton of 35mm Optima 100 that I bought back in '07. That is my all time favorite color film. Of course these days it is a little "off" but I still like it. I do color through the computer anyway so it isn't that big of a deal to fix.

Most of the film from these old manufacturers that you buy these days will be toast if you expect the best quality and they can't compare to the latest films like Ektar. Still some may have unique or quirky characteristics that you may find endearing. Back before the digital world, I always liked 3M films (Ferrania?) even though they weren't that "great". What I liked about them was the saturation was low. Back when the only option was to have it optically printed the characteristics of the film were very important. If you still print in the darkroom that is still true, but once an image hits a computer the differences even among modern films is diluted.

If you are looking for old color films a good place is That is where I bought the old Agfa stuff back in '07 and I was just looking today at their website. They have lots of old films and they are cheap too.