I am reading the posts on film position as suggestions that the film has moved further away from the lens due to lack of pressure on the backside of the film. But this in theory should create an artificial 'macro effect' in which objects close to the camera inexplicably come into sharp focus. I don't see such an effect. Could it be that the film is overtensioned and is therefore collapsing in towards the lens at the ends of the frame? This could create a situation in which nothing except things beyond infinity are in focus - in other words, nothing is in focus, just as we see here.

Is there a lot of resistance when you advance the film? If the feed spool is not happily feeding, then this can pull the film off the intended path and towards the lens.

Are you seeing the effect on every shot in the roll, or just the last shots? Sometimes overtensioning can affect only the last shots on a roll if the spools are not seated properly. Try loading and advancing the film to the same frame number that is giving you a problem, then go into a dark room (heck, even a brightly lit room would work!) and then open the camera back. Use your fingers (or eyes if the lights are on) to check and see if the film has been pulled in towards the lens at the end of the film gate. Not sure how many frames there are on a Widelux!

Just two cents worth of Socratic musing. Feel free to debunk!


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... I will see if the new knob adds some resistance to the film bulging...