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I personally strive for that same useage of the entire gray scale in what I do, I find that I am drawn to pictures that have it...
I like the full scale too, and I like shadows where the details can be seen. I wish I wasn't so fond of uneven black borders, because I'd be interested in experimenting with flashing (Lootens' flashing with 7 watt bulb to blacken corners and edges to remove distractions, not the more common use of the word flashing which is a very slight overall exposure). I also am interested in experimenting with extreme Zone System placement and processing (maybe putting something Zone VI on III, plunging everything else to black and developing N+3 to bring Zone VIII back to VIII to give the illusion of a full scale print with very distorted values).

Think about that when you are out and about. If you can't find a straight landscape that's worth committing to film, there might be an abstraction.