I got the HP5+ back from the lab today. Dev+Prints would've cost me USD $20, Dev+Scan was $7.73 so I went with the lab scans. I'm using a 50mm lens as a loupe and my computer monitor as a lightbox to view the negatives, since I have neither a proper lightbox nor a proper loupe. I shot pictures on the roll at ISOs ranging from 100 to 400 in 2/3 stop increments.

I've attached a few of the lab scans here (approximately 6MP scans from the lab). This is probably the best shot on the whole roll, which I shot at ISO 400:

As far as I can tell from my notes, this first one was shot TTL with the camera set at ISO 250, the second TTL at ISO 400, both with a Cokin #003 (I think it's equivalent to a Wratten #25) filter on a cloudy day (hey I was experimenting - this is a lot different than color):
AAA017.jpg AAA018.jpg
Is it weird that I like the one shot at 250 better than the one shot at 400, but like the first shot of this post the best in terms of contrast?