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2. How is the Pentax 645 in this regard?
3. A bit controversial, maybe, but how is the bokeh for the Pentax? I love my Rolleiflex 2.8E but that I can only shoot through the waist. My Tessar is OK and a bit busy sometimes. I have no experience with Pentax cameras.
4. Anyone use a Pentax 67 for this? This seems like a disaster for portrait orientation but maybe OK for landscape. Overall, I think the 645 is a better choice but man that 105mm f2.4 is tempting.
#2: The Pentax 645 is very easy to use, and the lenses are sharp. You can put it on a tripod for either landscape or portrait.
#3: I've never had a problem with Pentax bokeh. Bokeh is rather subjective, anyways. I have a few pictures in the gallery that I shot wide open with a 75mm f/2.8.
#4: I have a Pentax 6x7. Yes, it's a heavy camera, but a good ball head works just fine with it. I have done a few portraits with mine, but my personal preference for portraits is a view camera. If you don't have a totally solid tripod and head, then be sure to lock the mirror up.