Just got mine in the mail today. Came with a Graflex RH-50 70mm back with exposed film. Can't wait to develop it and see what surprises are in store.

I did a little research on the inventory sticker that some one put on the camera's body. Turned out it was used in police work for the Managua City Police Department in Nicaragua.

Anyways, does anyone use this camera? Since I already have a 70mm back, I'm going to use the special 4-post frame that comes attached to it (I'll call it the GraflokXL adapter). The official 4x5 back is extremely rare so I'm going to attach the graflokXL onto a regular graflok 4x5 back. It sucks that the standardized, international, graflok adapter wasn't used in this camera. Such a weird design. It's a medium format camera that wants to be a 4x5 format camera. The frame size is 3"x3.75". Here's a review of the official 4x5 back. Personally I like the black borders it produces.

PB290154 (1).jpg
You can see how the filmback connects to the camera.

It sucks this graflex camera wasn't very popular. It's exactly like a Mamiya Press but bigger. It wants to be a 4x5 but is stuck using medium format backs. But the film backs fit on 4x5 cameras and not your typical medium format camera. If this camera could have used both 4x5 backs and Mamiya RB67/Universal backs from the get-go, it would have been a huge hit.

I got this camera so I can use up some of my unperforated 70mm film. The RB67 70mm film back doesn't accept unperffed film.

It's just weird. Why did make this camera in the first place?