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Replenishment is really only useful if you're developing quite a bit more than that. For Xtol though, one would normally replenish one roll's worth from a 2L working solution after about 1-2 weeks of inactivity. But your process isn't going to be very well controlled with those big gaps being the norm rather than the exception.

If large-volume tanks are causing you wastage (i.e. quantity required for coverage is much greater than quantity required for capacity) then you might want to look at using more-highly-diluted developers. Too bad if you wanted silver-solvent (grain-smoothing) effects though.
Well I do batch runs, I have found that time is more a factor than usage with Ilfsol 3 I can EASILY reuse it to process 4 rolls adding about 30 seconds to each run if I'm doing it all in the same day. Even though its supposedly a one shot developer.

I usually do about 10 rolls at a time. Once I hadn't processed for a while and discovered I not had enough extra developer to make a full new batch and I just guesstimated and used 2 MONTH old one shot developer that already had 5 rolls run through it, added about half the normal amount as "replenishment" and then halfway the 30 second increments and did 8 rolls with respectably usable results, I think I was at 15 minutes on the last one (this is a developer that is normally a 4 minute developer) so I'm open to replenishment as an option, but you're right I don't like diluting too much, so perhaps I'll just stick to spending money and getting good and more foreseeable results.

BTW I am not normally so careless, but the shots weren't super important and I was curious if I could "DO IT" especially on a one shot developer.


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