What does "LOMO" mean?

To me?

Cheap plastic camera. Lightweight. It has limitations. No worries.

I bought a Holga years back when it was something like $15. I'm still using the same Holga. Yeah, I have other cameras. I have Pen-F to Toyo 8x10. What do I like to have with me when I'm on a bicycle? The Holga.

It weighs 8oz. I don't care if it bangs against the bike as I'm riding. I don't care if it gets stolen or ruined or broken. It has one speed and one aperture, and I can live with that. I patched the light leak holes with black tape. If I run a lot of film through it, my thumb starts to get raw from the sharp edges on the winding wheel.

Why do I keep using it? The most important reason is that I never think to myself, "should I photograph that?" I just do it. I don't worry about it. I go through roll after roll after roll. And I don't care.

I don't photograph like that with my other cameras. Except maybe my Pen-F, which I haven't been using because it needs a CLA. Anyways, with my 8x10 I carry with me 6 holders, so I get 12 shots, and that's it. There's a lot more shots than that riding my bicycle. Really, there are. And it's harder to pack the 8x10. So with the 8x10 or other cameras, for some reason I get into a rationing mentality. I need to ration the shots. Sure, I have to do it with sheet film. And for some reason, I also do it with my other good cameras.

But not with the Holga.

I release cares and concerns with the Holga. They are set aside. They don't matter. I accept the results for what they are. What comes, comes. What gets on the film, is what's there. That's all. That's all that there needs to be.