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having the developer the right temp is the most critical because that controls the chemical reaction
Agreed! Developer temperature is critical. Stop bath, fixer and rinse temperatures, while important, are not so critical.

I try to hold my developer temperature to the target temperature 1C. I try to keep my other temperatures as steady as I reasonably can but if they vary by 5 over the span of a few minutes, I take steps to correct it.

Overall, the shock of a quick temperature change, regardless of the amount, can be worse than a temperature change that varies by several degrees over the span of five or ten minutes.

In the past, I have had accidents where I set my film down to rinse under the faucet then left the room. When I came back to check, I found that the water was almost ten degrees warmer than when I started. "Oh $hit," I thought! But that change took place over ten minutes or more. While not the best thing to happen, I haven't experienced any damage.