Hi all,

I will be getting into large format photography at some point next year but I am gradually purchasing the parts over time to spread the costs, anyway I have some 5x4 double slides coming in the post for the camera (I don't have yet) and I thought in the interim I might look into pinhole photography. I see that there is a nice guide for an 8x10 pinhole on this forum which looks like you just simply strap the film holder to a recess in the back with some rubber bands lol so I might look at making one of those as it seems pretty simple to make considering its a box with an opening at one end

Anyway, I was just wondering about how sharp you can get a pinhole image, I know that with normal lenses there is a 'sweet spot' with regards to image sharpness and resolution, I am not after anything tack sharp as I don't really want the image to be clinical as it is with some digital images, but not massively blurred.

Is anyone able to post up a pinhole image from a 5x4 camera and let me know what the calculated F stop is for the 'lens'? It would be cool to compare and see what the different effects on the image a small change to the F stop might bring.