It seems strange to me that the information in that same "product note" was not quoted in full. The impression given by quoting one small part of the information out of context is unlike the text in full. Why was this done?

The full product note is found in the Ilford Titan pinhole camera kit, regarding the content of the kit. Here is the full text:

*****PLEASE NOTE*****

We have encountered technical problems coating the HARMAN DIRECT POSITIVE RC paper. The result of this is that we cannot release the product to end users and as a consequence the product is now out of stock. At this point, whilst our R&D team work on the problem, we are unable to advise when the product will become available.

Initially, in the ILFORD Pinhole Photography Kit we have substituted the RC product with 10 sheets of HARMAN DIRECT POSITIVE FB paper, which is in stock with no supply issues.

As a gesture of goodwill we have now also included free of charge an additional 10 sheets 4 x 5 inch ILFORD MULTIGRADE IV RC, which can be used to make a paper negative.

We sincerely apologise for this enforced change to our publicised intention, and are sure you will agree that by adding the MULTIGRADE paper the kit has been enhanced.