Yesterday evening, I really wanted to get in the DR to dabble some. Now that I've discovered filters, I thought I would try my hand at some again. Having said that, I should have probably just forgone the notion. I never really got off to a good start, if that makes any sense. First off I think I had a negative that really didn't develop well. It was a bit fogg'd or blocked for the lack of a better technical term. I tried 6 5x7 sheets, and gave up, and went home. Kind of left a bad taste in my mouth

Now to my point for the thread.

When one is starting out to work on a print. Do you use a filter in the step wedge part of determining what your exposure should be, either on a contact printer or using the enlarger?

When I first started to really work toward a print before I learned about filters, I obviously didn't use one, then started to incorporate them later after I figured out my base exposure. Should I follow that train of thought?

Do a step wedge or get my based exposure, then add a filter and tweak times?