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That is FALSE

an Agfa cartridge contains Agfa film!

You mix up Agfa and AgfaPhoto.

Agfa coats a huge amount of film.
Only a part of that is contract coating of their very own films.
They still have a photography department.
What they sold, and what in success went under, was their consumer department (amateurs, prof. photographers, labs)

Ferrania had a troublesome past including changes of ownership which did not affect film production and is still alive. They coated photographic materials until recently, so their films, under whatever label won't be expired yet.
Agfa's old industrial division may coat film, they may coat it by the ship load, but they don't make film for consumer use, anything that says Agfa on it, is either expired or it's not true Agfa film. Yes AgfaPhoto could have had Agfa's Industrial division coat some Agfa emulsions, but they didn't they rebadged Fuji something or other, and there is no guarantee that they will be spooling the same film next week.

Ferrania is no longer making film, they quit production in December 2008, so that film is at least 4 years old, since most film is dated to expire 3 years after production, that means the last of their production should be expired by now.