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I would like to borrow your wife to receive the same benefits, when you get one, if you don't mind.

When I was temporarily based in New York, in 1995-96, I used a place in Manhattan, 17th St, called Photographics Unlimited. It had good darkrooms for rent, very reasonable prices. The community feeling was good, and creativity infectious. It has closed by now, I suspect, but if you are lucky to be living in one of those special cities on the planet where one can find everything, any time, you should easily find a place to swallow the wet printing (and Se toning) bug.

Anyway, apologies for desperately trying to turn you back from your journey straight to DPUG.
Haha DPUG is so dead, it's like an empty room, every now and then someone peeks in, says "hello!...." *crikets* leaves a note about something posted in 2008 and leaves...

But no worries


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