I am thinking of combining a shipment from Slavich if there is enough demand. I even have a base in Moscow (my sister's house), in case direct shipping is not economically feasible we could try send small batches with friends and family.

They would consider cutting it to our more familiar sizes (8x10 or 11x14) if the order is large enough, so the paper is easier to position in our easels. But for the beginning we would probably have to deal with their market's sizes.

The goods list: It seems Slavich (http://www.tdslavich.ru) has no English catalogue, but basically they have two types of paper: Unibrom and Bromportrait-80 (there is also one called Berezka, but I have no idea what its qualities are). Their many sizes are in cm (9x12,10x15,13x18,18x18,18x24,24x24,24x30,30x30,30 x40,...) Unibrom is a cold toned paper, Bromportrait is warmish.

The surfaces for Unibrom are glossy or matte; for Bromportrait we have matte, glossy, and glossy "silk embossed" (my portrait favourite, a very nice textured surface).

Contrast grades 2,3,4 (Russians call these semisoft, normal and contrasty, but they roughly correspond to the Ilford grades 2-4).