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A Marchioni Tiltall - I have no solution for the cold weather problem, beyond a decent pair of gloves.
I have one of these. The bakelite knob handles on the head fell off/split in really cold weather on mine. - so I carefully hack-sawed a slot in the end of shaft end and crimped a steel washers into this slot to give me something mittens on or off to get some purchase on when adjusting these locking shafts.

I also have added 3/4" black closed cell foam pipe insulation onto the top leg section on all three legs. I find once I am set up I get tempted to take my mitts off, to manipulate the camera. Then I forget I have no mitts on and grab a leg to rough adjust the set up, and can feel all of the heat being sucked out of my skin on the aluminum without this foam insulation.