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I am keen to take up your offer, although i dont really want to spend that much on a roll for myself, i want to try and get other photographers to chip in and take a few shots per roll, i will find a good compact camera such as an olympus XA2 or something similar, and take a few shots for myself, and "share" the camera around a few others to split the costs, im sure there are many photographers who would be out there who would give that a go.

$260 for a 36exp roll sounds expensive, but that only works out at $7.20 per exposure, im happy to take a few shots at that price, but couldnt afford a whole roll for myself at this stage.

If we can find more in aussie who want to do the same thing, that would work out good, as we should be able to get 5 rolls together.

I will get a camera set up and loaded with K64 (i have 5 24exp rolls left) and will ask round for photographers here in New Zealand who wil be keen to have a few shots, its just a matter of recording how many exposures each photographer takes, so we know who's who's afterwards!

Could take a while before we get the films ready, as there are a few special places i would like to photograph over the summer, and im sure others will be too, so now's the time to look for people seriously interested and we go from there.
I think the "share the camera" idea as suggested is going to be the easiest and most attractive way to do this.