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I can do it, I currently have a small amount of chemistry left and to process more film in the future would need to buy additional chemicals.
I posted this as a way of guaging interest, and it is good to see there is a little bit out there. Though the idea of shooting on kodachrome for the sake of "One last time"
doesn't seem justified to me. If someone wanted me to go to all the effort of processing the material I would want to see previous work they had done and know the history of the roll they are wanting me to process and also why its justified I go to the effort of doing this. The price I posted is not a price I would profit from. surprisingly doing it as $260 a roll I make a small loss but it is the absolute bone cutting minimum for doing this process at of 2012. If I do decide to do it as a one off thing I will make it very public knowledge and give a future date as to when the one time process will occur.
Steven recently confirmed his attitude.