Iím sure the economics of film production are complex and sales are down, but if a manufacturer were able to offer an old school really grainy film, I suspect it would be very popular. Film grain has mostly evolved to be smoother and smoother over the years, but many of us would absolutely love availability of just the opposite. I know itís possible to get somewhat more visible grain by using high speed films, enlarging small negatives, using condensers, etcÖ But Iím talking about very apparent obscenely coarse large grain without jumping through hoops to get it (especially with sheet film).

Iím just a dummy who points cameras at things and am sure Ilford has already thought of this. Iím just surprised no one has done it. Iíve heard more than once that film grain is unique and not well duplicated digitally, and thatís why some people use film, and why more people might start buying it!

Just part of my naÔve wish list. I know Iíd buy a boat load of it!