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Sorry, Paul, that is not correct. Agfa-Gevaert in Antwerp, Belgium, is the third biggest film manufacturer worldwide, only Kodak and Fujifilm are bigger.
And as a normal consumer / photographer you can buy fresh film manufactured by them without problems. Several different BW and color film types are offered by Maco/Rollei-Film, and one film is also offered by Adox (CMS 20 II = Agfa HDP microfilm).

Their last production runs were at the end of 2009 (at least one of their biggest long term customers told me that).

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Okay in the case of Agfa-Gevaert there is a possibility they are making consumer film under contract to Maco, Rollie and Adox, that's NOT Agfa labelled film, whether it's an old Agfa-Gevaert emulsion or not, you would need to confirm with Maco, Rollie or Adox. From what I understand they do manufacture xray and other diagnostic and scientific materials, but that's not the same. Any consumer film labelled Agfa that was manufactured by Agfa-Gevaert is now expired. There is AgfaPhoto film that is not Agfa film, it's a re-badged Fuji something. As for Ferriana(sp?) if they made the last roll at the end of 2009, it would now be very stale dated if not expired.