Following on from previous comments and related threads under other PMK subject headings, I developed my 35mm films over the weekend and 'suffered' mixed results. One I developed in a 2 bath dev and the result appears to be acceptable although I have not yet looked at the negs on a lightbox. The other I used PMK and have very thin negatives. I am not so much concerned about the staining aspect as I expect little with this film. Looking at the edge markings they appear to be not as black as I would expect. All this leads to my main point and that is can I have some advice please, on the advisability of selenium toning negs to give them a bit more body and contrast. Les, I have found your advice given on Colin's workshops useful, are you able to chip in here ? The moral of all this is however, listen to good advice you are given but in my defence I must say you do not know until you try for yourself and I was trying out different combinations !!