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Dare I ask what a drying shower is? Glad you got some good images.

Let Beth’s promise of pictures from the farm museum segue into an article about the farm in today’s (11/29/2012) Akron Beacon Journal. http://www.ohio.com/lifestyle/stone-...-time-1.353669

This is a nice remembrance for those of us who have enjoyed shooting at the farm. It is a teaser and invitation to come to the next gathering for those who have not yet enjoyed the farm.

The drying shower is the stall shower with a door in our downstairs bathroom that is never used as a shower. Which makes it perfect for hanging film to dry out of the reach of the fuzzy tails and laundry dust. The bathroom has been filled with the contents of hubby's storage room (called the "ops" room) for weeks while we awaited the arrival and installation of a large storage device to contain certain numerous items. FINALLY, the contents were moved back last week and I have the drying space back.

Nice article! I'll have to forward that to a few people.