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AgfaPhoto film material is, nowadays, Fujifilm material rebranded. AgfaPhoto also "brands" other kind of products.
They use the "red dot" but the writing is always AgfaPhoto never Agfa.


Agfa-Gevaert is not a mere "brand" is the real firm behind it. They produce a lot of stuff not just aerial film and not just graphic material:


They still can use the AGFA "red rhombus" brand.

Rollei film manufactured by Agfa-Gevaert is clearly marked as such.
But that does not mean that it bears any resemblance to the old Agfa film products we grew up with in the orange boxes, just that it's being coated by the same company, it would be no more or less an Agfa film product if it was coated in Rochester, Tokyo or Mobberly.