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I will post a youtube video early next week with it actually running drums and all the finish touches applied. I am using a 260 oz/in NEMA 23 stepper motor and controlling it numerically as a rotary axis in CNC G-Code. Will be able to drive the Expert drums in fine fashion and with a couple variables, be able to do cycle times easily. The next one will be a two axis drum, tank and tray agitator which can be programmed to do semi stand with very articulate routines.It will be able to shake in an xy pattern, angular, swirl in a circle or elipse or combinations of all the above and will have programmable dwells. I'll be able to walk away and have it do an agitation routine once every ten minutes and repeat it for an hour..I am pretty excited about it.

I was wondering if you have posted any photos or the video of your processor? I would really like to go down the path you have tread!