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I once saw the Speed Graphic described as the "Harley Davidson of cameras."

They're chick magnets, too.
They don't make flatulent sounds while pumping raw gas out of their chrome loud pipes while going actually going slow, so they aren't like Harleys that way. Harleys are chick magnets somehow, so that makes Speeds kinda like them, Plus the black and fake chrome color combo and leather strap.

It's a very convenient and affordable camera. I mostly use barrel lenses, so I appreciate it for the built in shutter. Old speeds had more shutter speed options and bigger wooden DIY lensboards. Newer pacemaker ones had more movements and often graflok backs, so there's benefits to different speed graphic models.

Old folks love to chat about the camera when you use it. Everyone recognizes it from historic photos/movies. Some cameras beat a speed graphic for movements, sturdiness, bellow length, bling, but the speed is so convenient and good at basic 4x5 photography and for barrel lens use.