I like this post alot. So I put it on my film photography blog.

I fix bellows on a regular bases. I don't know how to rebuild bellows from scratch and some cameras can't be put back together once you destroy the rivets that hold it together (Kodak 1a, no 2, Ikontas, etc).

What I use is:
  • Liquid Stitch for large gashes. (also works great glueing leather back to metal).
  • Followed by a coat of black fabric paint. I use Tulip brand because it's everywhere.
  • Followed by a coat of mixed Elmers Facbric Glue (flexible, stretchable glue) with the black fabric paint. It'll be grey.
  • Followed by another coat of black fabric paint to cover the grey back up and to make sure there's no more light leaks.
  • An optional final coat of black fabric paint.

For polaroids I use only Elmer's Fabric glue mixed with black fabric paint. Since the bellows is synthetic you don't have to use liquid stitch.

For antique Kodak Bellows cameras, I remove the lens and use black Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Spray. I spray the inside. These antique Kodaks can have hundreds of tiny light leaks. The upholstery spray remains soft and flexible and covers up all of the tiny annoying holes.

Using extremely thin coats and completely letting them dry prevents sticking of the paint when the camera's shut.