Just thought I'd give a shout-out to my new buddies, Brandon and Brendon(twins dontya know!).

They're the eyes behind http://www.thebrotherswright.com/bwrightphoto/ and http://www.twinlenslife.com/

They've been using Kodak's 500T 35mm motion picture film to shoot with in their Nikon F3's, equipped with the 33ft(250shot) backs, primarily for wedding photography(they tag team!!!)

Anyhow, they've been working day and night to perfect their process of the remjet-removal process so that they(and eventually YOU) can use the film in standard c-41 processing chems. Even though the film wasn't originally "designed" for C-41(its an ECN-2 process), but they've found it works very well, and have had much sucess with their technique after much trial and error(on THEIR dime too!)

so, if you want to support their effort, feel free to contact them on Facebook:


they've started a group "Film Shooters" on Facebook too, a great place to congregate and coordinate!


here's their Etsy page, they're still in "gearing up mode" acquiring orders, but their goal is to make this wonderfully capable film available regularly at reasonable costs.