OK so I had my first photo shoot. I am not a payed photographer and this is not a payed model so it is purely for fun.

I threw in a bunch of candids in this set and left in some out of focus images too, because I liked them. I wanted to do a lot of experimentation and hence my style and film/dev choice is all over the place and so is my camera/format selection. In the future I will be more consistent, but for my first few shoots I plan on doing a lot of experimentation. I'm not a post processing guru but I think that my pictures might be a bit too high key...I might have to fix that.

Mistakes that I already recognized:

1. I lost too much speed with fomapan 100 + Rodinal. More exposure next time or another developer.
2. I accidently underexposed fuji acros so I had to do a two stop push. Idiotic mistake.

1. The coat on the bed was a bit awkward.
2. Sometimes the background elements were a bit distracting.

1. I sometimes could have used a stronger fill.

Overall, what do you think? honestly. What would you have done differently and how can I improve?