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Thanks for your input, they do indeed seem like good value for money, with regards to what you said about the fastening method, I will be going with the standard screw mount rather than any of those 'quick release' or 'quicksnap' fittings, I will have the 1 main large format camera that I will be using, its not like I have a car full of large format cameras to need to quickly swap between them - its a bit odd that they are out there for large format as you can quickly get the camera mounted up to then take your time with the shot lol

i dont mean the fastening of the camera.
i mean the fasteningmethod of the legs.
the standard one is with screw clamping the other one is FAST-CLAMP leg lock
but the fastclamp is a bit tricky with the humidity.

for fastening the camera at the tripod i would recommend a good "fast" system it is easier than always rotating the screw

i have this one novoflex q-mount (bombproof)


i also hve only one camera (calumet 400) but it is really very comfortable using a quicklock.