I go with unusual cameras like the GOMZ Sputnik stereo-graphic (3D) camera, or the Zenit Photosniper, all of my cameras are usable ranging from a 1960s Ilford Sportsman, through to a 1940s Bessa folding camera, I just buy what I like, which usually involves avoiding newer more plastic cameras as the older cameras as usually built to last. I don't buy anything that I won't be able to shoot ie not 127 or 110s etc but go with 35mm, 120 roll and 5x4 film, I just like cameras where you go: "wow, thats neat looking" and some of the older cameras have some pretty clever features which never caught on - example being the Ilford Sportsman, it has the shutter release on the front of the camera exactly where your finger usually sits. Its on the front as when you press it in it doesn't jar the camera in 1 corner so it takes a more stable image vs pressed down on the top corner like all other cameras.