Greetings all! I very much enjoy the the forum. Hats off to all who contribute so much great content. 5 years ago I bought
a Linhof Technika 70 outfit for $1490.00. It had the three original lenses, (53mm, 100mm & 150mm), with cam, roll film back,
ground glass, metal case, filters and shade. It became the greatest love affair/mental and physical wrestling match of my photo
existance!! I mean, Demands! Demands! Demands! What kind of demands? Demands for excellence from me!
I mean, I had to step up! I would come home, after a shoot, with my rags, (called exposures), and the T-70 would just
look at me. But, by golly, bye and bye, I got better!! It was like Fred Astair said about dancing. Hard work, but loving every minute.
Of course, the person is the photographer, not the camera. But the right match can drive you like a "strad". The camera is easy to use. But it is so versitile, that you are drawn into "THE WORKOUT!" Your brain is squeeezzzed to step up! And when your done, in an heap of sweat, you are sooo thankful, as you reflect upon the day that has passed. All the best!