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I admit he did that limitation on his service quite late...

(By the way: by clicking on that little arrow behind the poster's name in a quotation you'll get to that posting in the original thread context.)
Oh yes i did catch part of that thread earlier.
I do understand why he would not want to waste his time on such a valuable process, if no one was shooting it seriously or professionally enough.
That would include myself and i wouldnt want to spend that much on a roll either, hence why the "share the camera" would be one last chance to let people like myself shoot kodachrome, one last time, personally i would like a photo of me and/or my family shot on it as a keepsake.

For now ive started shooting E6 (Ektachrome) for the first time and love it, ive stockpiled about 30 rolls of a mixture of E100G, E100VS and Elitechrome, which should last me a few years, enough for me to get a good taste of it before E6 processing finally dies perhaps.

I love E6, and love the results im getting, even if im not professional, while i still want to shoot kodachrome, i understand it may never happen, but will take the opportunity if it arises.
I should mention here that the demise of Kodachrome is ACTUALLY what has given me an interest in FILM photography again, well as far as reversal films goes it does.
I dont have much time for C41 films personally, i would rather shoot digital than C41.
There's something about reversal film that i like, but cant really put my finger on it, the whole image has a unique feel that digital cant replicate.

For now i want to keep E6 alive for as long as possible and only the power of us combined can keep that going, as long as people buy the stuff, and sales dont drop, it should be fine.

Something i may be interested to explore though is using motion picture film in a still camera. Kodak vision or any ECN2 film would be rather interesting to experiment with and i expect the picture would be significantly different than C41 films, (probably better as far as skin tones goes etc)

I think Steve should seriously look at helping this poor person who is struggling to produce a film dedicated to the space shuttle, he shot it on kodachrome and he has a few undeveloped rolls left that never made it to dwaynes.
His site is:

I should try and put Stephen in contact with him.