Lately I've acquired a couple of older JOBO CPP2 processors, with some defects (which I repaired in the meantime), which got me thinking...

I saw several ingenious rebuilds/repairs of older JOBO processors, so I started thinking about this a bit: many of older JOBO machines are in need of repair/spare parts (which are expensive and/or difficult to obtain - think pumps, pump motors, or rotation motors).

So, I'm thinking about perhaps offering a complete rebuild of CPA2/CPP2 processors: new rotation motor, new pump/pump motor, new electronics, which would either fit in the existing motor housing, or be attached to a separate control unit, something like this (on LFF):
ingenious JOBO CPP2 upgrade.

I'm thinking there should be at least some interest, so several units could be rebuilt: it's not cost-effective to do just one-off...

However, I'm in Croatia, and most of the potential clients are probably in the USA - the shipping cost won't be negligible. But, still: having in mind the cost of the new CPP3, I think that for the price of about $400-$500 for a total rebuild, there might be a few interested parties.

I'll most likely have one ready in a month or so, but would like to have some input in the meantime: do I put a new control unit in a separate housing (away from possible spills, like the one in the above link on LFF), or fit everything in the existing housing, like the original?
I'm leaning towards a separate unit, like in the link above: no matter how careful you are, you often end up spilling a bit over the knobs

Separate switches for heating element, solenoid and pump?

Any other considerations?

Is the price too high? I don't think so - I think I read somewhere that just the new replacement JOBO pump is somewhere in the $150-$160 range... Add a new rotation motor, new electronics (something like THIS, could be a high quality item, like Omron, or a cheaper one - available starting from approx. $30-$40....).... plus the work involved... - I don't think $400-$500 is too much to ask.

Which still leaves us with the question if anyone will be willing to pay that much for it?

Any thoughts on the above? Any interest in something like this? What about the price?

Thanks for any thoughts you might offer

I'll definitely rebuild one for myself (in a month or so, most likely), and then post some photos.