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If you cant afford Gitzos then check out Induro tripods. I picked up an AKB-2 (alloy legs) rated for over 22lbs, for well under two hundred bucks, use it mostly for my 4x5 Calumet. I also picked up a pan head for it and can interchange between the ball head and pan head as I desire.
Rick...thanks for the excellent suggestion. I checked Induro tripods and the AT313 almost fits the bill (damn it!), but its a bit too heavy for travel. The AT213 is extremely attractive, but I worry if the load rating is sufficient (22 lbs, but I always assume that the manufacturer is overly optimistic).

Which is why I narrowed down to the Gitzo 1325.....it checks all the boxes (except the cost for a new one .

Choices suck!