The stack was getting too high for my conscience - so time for the next round of my comments on received images:

Box Brownie – Floating Leaf. Very slick. I thought I was looking at some astral event, until I realized it was a puddle being imaged. The leaf is most well placed, and textured in the print, to give the just right amount of realism in what otherwise could be all sorts of fantastic situations.

Christopher Coy-Music in the Street. I like the off kilter framing for this image. Changing the camera position to cut out the hand of the bongo drum player might strengthen the image, but I realize that shooting street scenes are a lot different that placing scenes in the studio. Holding back when printing the background might strengthen the print a bit, or printing it to a half a grade of greater contrast. Lith film manipulation could work as well.

DRPSilver – Happiness is … a way of life. I like the framing of this street scene. Nice use of tones from all white to all black. Nice and sharp, good use of a polarizer to squelch what would have otherwise been very distracting reflections.

George Nova Scotia- Staking you place - the tree. I like the way you show how all of the under storey of this tree crowds all other growth. A nice low key image, with load of information and texture in the darker areas still.

Jakko – What’s in a name? Nice just right width of borders, to set off this cute street scene. Nice and sharp. Up tilt of the camera Iand the resulting converging lines, and the odd name to give the whole image a touch of surreal.

Jim17X- Speedy- A very nice still life. Well framed, well lit, excellent use of blackness to define the foreground entities. I am pleased that you have kept the flash holder out of the Star Wars fan brigade and true to its original use. I have a Crown Graphic, and show a certain weakness in what you have done, wishing I could have executed a still life of my old gem as well as you have here.

JimO – Hillsborough River vista. A nice print. Good texture in the clouds, which the R25 filter evidently helps I can handle the lack of detail in the right hand side foliage this filter also affects, but dodging it to place the tone lighter on the right would help the image I think. I would have carefully framed the water line as level. If you took the care to put the filter on, why not get a bubble level out too?

Jenni – Annika. Quite a nice portrait; a pretty model almost always helps. Well lit. Nice range of tones in the print; just the right amount of featureless black on the shadow side of the face. Good composition and I like the ruffled hair art direction/styling on the model. I might have slightly burned the forehead to place it a slight bit darker, so the eyes would have been the first pull, not the forehead when you first look at the image.

Michael Sherek – Skin Tight. A neat image, with so much going on in it. I could feel my eyes flitting all over the image trying to make sense of the images of the tight pants and where and how they were being displayed. Printed to an appropriate contrast grade of paper to suit the modest contrast scene being imaged here.

Oxley Road –Old New Windmill. I am pleased that you want to capture old and restored over the new and shiny. I too prefer restoration by my own hands to new stuff, which I often find less well made. The print while nice is a wee bit flat in some ways. Perhaps the featureless scrub in the lower right is pulling the whole image down. If there is information in there, it might be worth trying to hold back some exposure there to add textural hints to that area.