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I have to disagree with such a generalisation. The Lomo LC-A is actually a very capable little camera with outstanding low-light abilities.
I totally agree.

If one goes by the old mantra that the best camera you can buy is the one you take with you then the LC-A is pure photographic gold. I have that little camera with me almost all the time. It's robust and can take a beating, the lens is actually sharp at times, and between the manual control of ISO and f-stop control you can use it from a creative perspective quite easily.

I do think they charge too much for the LC-A these days but then again, that all depends on your perspective. I've been using mine once a week at least since 1995. I've paid a lot more than $300 for cameras I can't make the same statement about.

As for the Lomographic Society itself, yeah, they do tend to overhype themselves. But hey, that's called marketing and I wish other film based companies would do it. Goodness knows we see the same thing from the likes of Apple, Google, every car company on earth, cosmetics makers, etc. etc. I think some of the knee jerk resistance to the Lomographic Society tends to come from the fact that they market in a much different way than film has ever been marketed in the past. Up until Lomo came along it was always about the "art" and the technical abilities of a particular film. Either that or it was about "capturing memories" when it came to marketing to the masses. Lomo on the other hand just brands itself as trendy and cool and hip, which are far more abstract concepts.

Anyway, thank you for sharing the article. Good read!