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In that posting on the LFF forum there are these modifications I don't understand:

5) switch for solenoid-to turn off when controlled by temperature controller

6) switch for solenoid to turn on manually

8) Switch on off for motor (that modification already employed a pump-on&motor-off selection)

The original poster is not a native English speaker, so I would take what he wrote with a grain of salt.

Basically, the original JOBO CPP2 already has the switches for power (main red switch, which turns on both the heater and digital readout), pump and motor (motor turn on/off and speed selector knob) - basically the three knobs in the lower row, from left to right.

However, my CPP2 does not have any means of turning off the cold water solenoid. Since I don't have a cold water inlet (intake and overflow are not connected to anything), I wish I could simply turn off the solenoid when not needed - it just makes unnecessary noise and scares me every now and then into thinking something's broken!

So, a separate switch which turns off the solenoid completely would be welcome, IMHO.

On the other hand, a separate switch for powering the unit and another swhitch for heater might also be OK. Sometimes one might just want to take a reading of the current temp in the bath, without turning the heater on. That would also reduce the danger of overheating when e.g. there's no water in the bath - although JOBO CPP2 has a temp sensor on the heating element which is probably used to prevent such overheating. However, I think that other, smaller processors (CPE?) do not have this safety mechanism, as far as I remember (I had a CPE a few years back,before upgrading first to CPA2 and lately to CPP2).

I'm just thinking aloud... it's the stuff that I've come across so far (or heard of here on apug and on LFF).
But, with the PID temp. sensor & control, some of these issues are avoided.

In short, the aim is to replace the aging (and failing) parts - mostly electronic, with something standard and relatively easy to obtain/replace (PID controller), beef up the rotation motor, and perhaps replace the pump (and its motor), if necessary.

I'm waiting to hear any other suggestions....

Satoru's (rawhead) suggestion to offer the upgrade as a kit isn't really practical: the innards of the JOBO motor unit are not easily disassembled, and it would take some skill to be able to do the whole shebang using the supplied new parts. But, who knows, maybe that would also be possible.

BTW, of course you would not send the WHOLE processor for the upgrade: just the motor unit (the unit with the heater and the pump, which easily unscrews from the water bath) - which makes the whole thing much more manageable.