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Batwister, in the light of the definition of pictorial vs pictorialism, which you mentioned, and which I have seen a few times before, would you say that some of Adams's prints, say Winter Sunrise, were pictorial? At the same time acknowledging that he was not a Pictorialist.
I'd say nearly all of his wider views (or vistas) were pictorial. 'Frozen Lake and Cliffs', my favourite of his, is a rare exception and is often called an abstract - one of his purist results of 'seeing photographically'. There is little to take away from that picture subjectively. Winter Sunrise for me is pictorial, despite the way it's printed (with a formal impression), because I believe it is subjectively led - mountains, trees, horse, beautiful light - the composition illustrates these things fairly conventionally. The subjects in Frozen Lake on the other hand are incidental to what he's saying with that picture. The most subjective thing about it is the title.